Loveluck’s snack recipe - Krack the 'Snack' problem, at home!


Making lip smacking snacks is a constant challenge that many of us face. Keeping it interesting, not repeating and getting it right each time is quite the task. Even the most enthusiastic ones in the culinary art find themselves at their wits end when it comes to making new varieties of snacks. So, here are some new and simple ideas that can keep the munchers engaged.


Steps to make the Chatpata Crackers


  • Take 10 pieces of Loveluck’s Pheni Papad
  • Deep fry in the oil or Microwave
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes
  • Sprinkle pepper powder / chilli powder, amchur powder and a tinge of rock salt if needed.
  • If you happen to have Chat Masala, ignore the other powders and sprinkle just the Chat Masala.
  • Serve, eat, and enjoy!