Loveluck’s Snack Recipe - Splurge on the urge to snack


We often have this urge to snack but for a health-conscious busy person it is hard to find a snack that is not indulgent! But do snacks have to be calorie dense? Can they be light and tasty too?

Yes, certainly, here is one that you could try if you are on a calorie budget - 

Steps to make Happala/Papad Chat -

  • Microwave 3 pieces of Happalas/Papad
  • Mix sprouts along with finely diced onion, capsicum, lettuce & celery
  • Add a handful of roasted groundnuts to this (Alternatively, roasted Bengal gram/Split chickpea can be used)
  • Toss it to mix evenly
  • Spread over the Happalas, sprinkle rock salt, pepper & chaat masala for taste. The dish is ready to serve.

Healthy, sumptuous, and deeply satisfying! And you can eat more than one!