Loveluck’s Snack Recipes – Have a crackle of a day!

Koushik Varaghur

Tapioca makes for a great addition to your meal - it is good for digestion, low in sodium, a source of calcium and iron. You can make delicious snack varieties for kids, all the while keeping it interesting, tasty, and healthy!


Steps to make Tomato Salsa dip with tapioca crackle


Add diced onion, garlic, serrano chilli, about 10 baby tomatoes cut in halves and cilantro into a jar of a food processor or chopping blow of a blender.

Add ground cumin, pinch salt, sugar, and a spoonful of lemon juice over it.

Process them until medium chunky texture. Tomato salsa is ready.

Fry or Air fry Loveluck’s Sabbakki Happala/Papad, arrange them on a plate and serve along with tomato salsa dip.

Simple, easy, and scrumptious!