Loveluck’s specialty Vattals (Salted, Sun dried Vegetables)

Koushik Varaghur

Vathals or Sun-dried vegetables of quality are available in very few places. They are believed to have a lot of nutritional value and can be easily included in your meal as a side dish, main ingredient or even as a powder. Here are a few home-remedies and food preparations that may interest you –


Kinds of Vathals – Sundakkai (Turkey Berry), Manathakali (Wonder Cherry), Gorikai (Cluster Beans), Bevina Huva (Neem flower)

  1. Traditional Home-remedies –


  • Sundakkai is traditionally used as a home remedy for urinary infection and pittha imbalance.
  • Manathakali is traditionally used as a home remedy for ulcers
  • Bevina huva – traditionally used for deworming


  1. Recipes -


  • Fry Sundakkai, rest it for a minute to ensure its crispy and add as a side dish for your meal. Tastes very good with Rasam rice & Curd rice. (Manathakali can also be used in the same way)
  • Fry Sundakkai, powder it with hand, add ghee and mix with rice (Manathakali can also be used in the same way)
  • Sundakkai, gorikai, manathakali – fry and add to sambhar to give a unique taste.
  • Alternatively, you can easily make vethalkozumbu with Loveluck’s special Vathal Kozhumbu powder. All you need to do is add the powder to water and boil – Voila, hot and delicious kozhumbu is ready (can add a tsp of rice flour for thicker consistency). If you want to add vegetables, Sambhar onions are a great choice. Adding Sprouts also adds to the flavour.
Fry Bevina huva and add to Rasam, Pachadi or Dal. You can also fry Bevina huva (till black), add a pinch of salt and mix with hot rice.