Loveluck’s snack recipe - Catch the Snack drift!


A languid evening, an energetic one or the one you spend tucked away in a cosy corner with your favourite book – snacks are for all moods!

Dig into this plate of quirky traditional snacks to add a pinch of elation to your day.

Steps to make the Floating Papad Snack

  • Take 10 pieces of Loveluck’s Aralu Papad
  • Deep fry or microwave it
  • Let it cool for 5 minutes
  • Arrange it in a plate
  • Slice onions, tomato & coriander finely, grate carrot and sprinkle this over the Aralu Papad
  • Prepare Pani (using pani puri masala)
  • Pour over the Papad to enjoy this appetizing floating chat!

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