If you know a great deal about cooking, then you will surely know the two main ingredients that goes into making any great dish. If you don't know anything about cooking, then just remember, there are mainly two ingredients to make any great dish.
First is 'love'. Your mom will remain the best cook in the world ever. All moms will... because they don't measure while adding love. They just pour it in.
The second is called 'luck'. Everybody needs a bit of this for everything, every time. Cooking (and eating) is no exception.
That is why we started packing both these together and giving it since 1955. These are the Ingredients of Happiness. And its called Loveluck.
After serving in the Indian army for a short while, Ekambaram, a newly married young man from a remote village in Tamil Nadu decides to pursue a future in the cities and lands in Bengaluru in 1955. To keep things running, he brings appalam from Tamil Nadu and sells it on a bicycle around Malleswaram. He only picks the most exclusive varieties and keeps it that way. Soon he finds the bicycle insufficient to meet the surging demand. He is also in a bit of luck. A coffee roasting company on the busy main bazaar street of Sampige Road is up for sale. Its called Loveluck. Bangalore's oldest condiment store comes into business. In a few years, a factory follows. Sales flourishes. Loveluck becomes the most respected brand for a whole generation of people. 
Venkataramanan, his second son, takes over. Business expands further. New methods, new recipes and new capabilities are born. Customers continue to flock. Supplies to canteens and industries is added to the business. Strong loyalties are forged with thousands of families.   
Generations change. Values remain. Necessities change. Needs remain. 
New ideas, new recipes, new concepts and new energies are on its way here too. But the ingredients remain.

The Ingredients of Happiness.